Nespresso Buyers Guide , What’s Best For You?

Best Nespresso Machine
Best Nespresso Machines
  • Nespresso Expert
  • Nespresso Pixie
  • Nespresso Inissia
  • Nespresso Citiz
  • Nespesso Vertuo/Vertuoline
  • Nespresso Lattissima


Overall we think the Best Nespresso Machines to go for are the “Expert”, “Pixie” and “Citiz”.

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Best Nespresso Machine Buying Guide 2018

We’ve compiled a simple buyers guide to find out what the best Nespresso Machine is for you.

The morning feels good and bright with a sip of stimulating coffee. Nespresso coffee machines are innovative and simple machines that will help you to make your favourite, aromatic brown bean coffee every day. Whether at home or in office space, these fit perfectly for any situation. Before you make a decision on buying a particular Nepresso machine, you need to research about design, function, technology and various brands. This is time consuming and often daunting. To make your quest of best Nespresso machines easy, we have compiled reviews on top 5 Nespresso Machines. By choosing any of the best Nespresso machines reviewed here, you are guaranteed to get a reliable and high quality coffee machine.

If you want other Smart coffee machines asides from Nespresso, we have those too!

Best Nespresso Machines Reviews – Updated Feb 2018


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Nespresso Expert : Beautiful Design, Connected and built for the Nespresso Enthusiast



Nespresso Expert is the latest machine to house the Nespresso name and it is wonderful. Instantly you can see how nice the design is. It comes with a ceramic style finish, positioned horizontally rather than vertically. We’re sure this has been done taking Nespresso user’s feedback as this takes up less counter space. The Nespresso Expert no comes with temperature settings which is also a game changer for those wanting their drink as an espresso shot. Whilst its not the end of the world, the Citiz machine did have its espresso shots coming back on the warmer side rather than hot.

The connect app allows users to brew remotely, brew at a certain time and even count the pods used to enable you to order straight to your door on the spot!

The Expert allows you to personalise your coffee experience and you can now brew 4 coffee sizes.

  • Ristretto (25ml)
  • Espresso (40ml)
  • Lungo (110ml)
  • Americano (25ml coffee and 125ml hot water)


Nespresso Expert Pros & Cons


  • Brilliant Design
  • Connected
  • Temperature controls


  • More on the expensive side

Nespresso Pixie: Compact and easy to use espresso maker for beginners in a hurry




Nespresso Pixie is popular for its compact design and ability to make quick coffee. It has dimensions 9.75 inches tall, 4.75 inches wide, and about 12.75 inches deep which are perfect for a small counter. In terms of design, Nespresso Pixie looks aesthetically pleasing and suits most kitchen themes.  This model features a vented patter on its side and is a part of D60 line up.  Operating Nespresso Pixie is easy.  When you want to make an instant coffee, lift the metallic lever or handle. This reveals the capsule chamber where you can insert the Nespresso capsule. Next, select the type of expresso you want, whether it’s a Double shot (Lungo) or Standard Expresso. Once selected the water will start to heat.  One of best features of this device is it heats the water very fast.  It takes about only 30 seconds for the machine to start brewing.  Once the water is heated, simply place your cup on the tray.

The cups have to be 3.5 inches in height or lesser to fit in the tray. If the regular cup does not fit into the tray, one can fold the tray upwards and make an arrangement to place the cup on the counter. It frees up about 2 inches of space. After the cup is poured, the empty capsules are dropped in the rear container. The container can hold 10 used capsules at a time.



  • Bright LED light indicates that mini expresso machine is ready to brew.
  • It is easy to brew lungo capsules as it has a fold-up tray


  • 24 ounce reservoir might not be enough for some coffee makers.

Nespresso Inissia: Budget friendly (Under £100), Fast Preheating and Compact




Nespresso Inissia
Nespresso Inissia

The Inissia lineup of Nespresso machines are newer compared to Pixie Nespressos, but in terms aesthetics and sizing they are very similar.

Nespresso Inissia features a rounded curvature and is slightly slim in the top section. Unlike the Pixie Nepresso, Inissia does not come with metallic design options. Instead these are available in eight different colours, Black, Red, Silver and Titan. This gives you more choice to match your next Nespresso device with your kitchen décor.

A notable and unique design element of Nespresso Inissia is its front facing lever. This lever has a nice smooth action, lifting which shows capsule compartment where you need to add the coffee flavour capsules. Also, Inissia does not come with a power button. It directly starts when you choose the type of coffee you want that is through lungo or expresso buttons. Nespresso Inissia takes about 25 seconds to pre-heat 24 ounces of water. Once the machine is heated, place the cup on the platform. If there is no enough space, flip it up and use the counter as a tray. The spent capsule is dropped in the container after brewing. This is a perfect espresso coffee maker for beginner coffee makers who have limited budget to spare.

PROS and CONS of Nespresso Inissia


  • Compact and perfect for a small kitchen space
  • Budget friendly


  • Does not have a LED indicator
  • Does not have a power button
  • This is of 24 ounce capacity
  • No Milk Warmer/Frother for Latte/Cappuccino/Macchiato

Nespresso Citiz: Larger water tank, fairly compact and great design




Nespresso Citiz is a full sized machine that feels more complete compared to compactly designed Pixie and Inissia. But, it does have a perfect shape and size that fits most countertops. It features a nice metallic black design that looks very sleek and ergonometric in the modern kitchen. This is a great machine for users who make espressos very often and have use others before. In terms of size, the device is five inches wide, ten inches deep and 14 inches tall.  It has a device’s tank that can hold up to 1.1 quarts of water which allows to fill large coffee cups. Coffee junkies will love this!

In the Nespresso Citiz there is no loading lever. You have to lift the tab to load capsules. After capsule is loaded, power on by pressing the lungo or espresso buttons on the top. It is similar to Inissia which lacks dedicated power button. After the pre-heating process is over which takes around 25 seconds, fold the platform for accommodating a bigger cup or place the cup under the spigot for up to 1.35 ounce serving. The capsule dropped in the reservoir is removed by pulling the platform. Nespresso Citiz supports a 9 minute auto off feature that automatically switches off after inactivity. It is an eco-friendly machine that is proven to consume less usage. The Nespresso Citiz is perfect for user who want a larger water tank and have fairly spacious counter space to store this device.

Nespresso Citiz Pros & Cons


  • Good construction quality and easy to use
  • Budget friendly
  • Comes with separate milk warmer for Latte,Cappuccino etc. (Optional)


  • Espressos aren’t warm enough
  • Is a bit loud and noisy
  • The lack of a physical power button

Nespresso Vertuoline: A high end, pro espresso maker




Nespresso Vertuo and Vertuoline are perfect machines to make espressos and cappuccinos.  Other than the built-in features like many other Nespresso devices, this unit has a frother which is used to make macchiatos and cappuccinos. This extends the functionality of an espresso machine. In terms of size, Vertuoline espresso machines are larger in size especially in width compared to other units we have reviewed so far. It is 8.3 inches wide, 11.9 inches deep and 11.9 inches tall.  An interesting and limiting quality of this machine to note is that it only accepts VertuoLine capsules which are rounder in shape and using these capsules can prove to be quite time consuming.

To load a capsule, one has to turn the top knob up and lift the handle. During the warming stage, the coffee icon on the device keeps blinking. It takes about 15 seconds to pre-heat 1.2 liters of water in the tank. When compared, Nespresso Vertuoline has the fastest heater in all the espresso machines we have reviewed. The machine is ready to brew when the coffee icon stops pulsing. By default the device is set for larger cups, if single shots of espresso is needed, pull the bottom platform. This espresso maker does not support automatic dropping of capsule into storage container. Users have to open the top panel and drop the vertuoLine capsule manually.

Pros and Cons of Nespresso Vertuoline


  • Larger water capacity.
  • Large capsule container that can hold 20 used capsules.
  • Supports automatic shutdown after nine minutes of inactivity. This helps to save power.
  • Heats the water quickly
  • Has a milk frother which is a high end feather and adds more options other than just loungo and espresso.


  • Requires more maintenance.
  • Water heats up more

Bottom Line

  • The Nespresso Vertuoline is perfect for pro coffee enthusiasts with barista skills

Nespresso Lattissima Plus: Making lattes & cappuccinos at home




Nespresso Lattissima Plus countertop coffee system doesn’t take up a lot of room in your kitchen. It comes with a water reservoir, special coffee capsules, and a milk textbox. The coffee capsules suitable for this machine are not readily available in the shops. He or she would need to buy them online.

A few easy-to-use buttons make it simple to make a latte macchiato, cappuccino, long coffee, or even hot milk. Moreover, one can program the device to remember the exact proportion of coffee to dairy froth to blend. Before making a coffee, ensure that the water tank is filled and when creating a cappuccino or latte make sure that the milk container is filled. Next, raise the lever and insert the Nespresso espresso capsule. Press the appropriate switch for the drink you need. If you need the coffee to be extra hot, keep the coffee machine turned on for a few minutes before inserting a capsule. This will dispense warm water in the cup.

After the process is over, the used capsule is automatically disposed in a special compartment. You will have to empty this container after every 10 drinks prepared. It is really convenient as users do not have to clean this every time or after two or three times like many other espresso machines. Most espresso machines tend to be challenging to clean, but cleaning Nespresso Lattissima Plus is easy. After every coffee drink containing dairy, you just press a button and it will self-clean. You just have to put the easy-to-remove component through the dishwasher to clean it. You will also have to descale the machine with a descaling agent a few times a year for thorough cleaning.

Unique Nespresso Lattissima Plus Features

  • 3 Milk and 2 Coffee settings allow users to make a variety of beverages
  • Programmable settings that help to customize and save drinks
  • Automatic shutdown feature to save energy
  • Self-Clean with a push of a button
  • Dishwasher safe components

Bottom Line

This is a perfect at-home coffee system for someone who is looking for a machine that lets a person to prepare latte and cappuccino by pressing a few buttons.

PROS AND CONS of Nespresso Lattissima Plus


Easy to use

Allows to personalize the taste of drink

Clean-up and maintenance is easy

Great asthetics


  • Coffee capsules meant for the device are not available in local store



Top 5 Nespresso machine comparison

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