Blink XT Home Security CCTV | Review

  • Design
  • Features
  • Price



  • The easiest set up we’ve seen in a smart home product
  • Very cheap alternative for smart security
  • Battery life is great


  • Wall mount is flimsy and feels cheap
  • Cant control zones
  • Adding extra cameras can get costly
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Blink XT is a simple, No-Frills security solution for your home


We’re big on our security, they’re an essential bit of tech for the smart home so we see a lot passing through our doors. However, none caught our eye the way the Blink XT did.

Blink, now an Amazon company specialise in fully wireless cameras for both indoor and outdoor use and today we’ll be getting hands-on with the Blink XT, the all-weather wireless solution.


Design and Build


Upon first inspection, the Blink XT looks and feels budget along with the sync module that comes in the box and that’s not entirely a bad thing.

Its very lightweight and feels cheap in comparison to the Netgear Arlo Pro but we understand fully about what this brand is trying to do. The Blink XT feels budget because it is and that’s the beauty of it.

We really like the all black finish, especially if you’re planning to leave this camera outside. We like the idea of it being inconspicuous and it works really well.

The camera itself runs off 2 x AA lithium batteries which are supposed to last up 2 years on a single charge. If true, this is really exciting stuff as our biggest gripe with other wireless solutions are the frequency in which you need to charge your cameras.

We’ll be updating this post when the batteries are depleted to give a more accurate breakdown.

The Blink XT is waterproof but in order to get the batteries in you need to open the back panel. It’s very important to keep this sealed tightly to ensure no water or moisture leaks in and we didn’t have any issues at all.

If you need to wall mount the camera, it comes with a trusty clip-on mount. Again, this feels very budget and it was very easy to snap the camera off the mount. We feel as though a slight knock on the camera and it would easily fall off so its best to leave this in an area where it cant be reached.


Setup and Functionality

In order to get the Blink XT set up, you need to download the Blink App which is available on both Android and iOS.

The setup itself was a breeze, quite possibly the fast smart home product we’ve ever set up in all honesty.

Both the instructions in the box and in the app make it so simple to set up that anyone can do it which we think is brilliant. Within 5 minutes we had our camera up and running.

Once the Blink is set up the rest is easy, you can control everything within the app. The camera itself can be armed/disarmed simply using a toggle button. The only problem with Blink is that you cant toggle one camera at a time should you install 2 or more cameras to one sync module. This means the whole of your home is either armed or not.

The Blink XT has a scheduling mode although we found its pretty tricky to set a schedule. Heres a video showing you how.

If you did want arm specific zones, you’d need two sync modules to toggle each area and the costs for this can quickly escalate.

If you head into the folder area you can view back all of your recorded clips and store them on the Blink server for free. The good thing about this is that you can choose to delete footage after 3 days meaning you’ll never run out of storage and you can just download the clips you need to keep locally.

Although the camera has a mic its only one way, meaning you can’t communicate back to anyone remotely like you can with other security cameras around.

Your settings will also be able to show you the connection strength of both the Sync module to wifi and camera to sync module. Naturally, for optimal performance its best to keep the sync module as close to your router as possible and the camera not too far away.






The Blink XT has its limitations, that’s for sure. However, if there were a price to security cam ratio this would fare pretty well. It really is a no frills, plug and play like system for those wanting a simple solution without all of the fuss of a full security system.

We love the battery life, simplicity and design of this product but its the price that really sells it. It would be great to see Blink lower the prices on their additional cameras, however, but if its just one you need for your front porch. This is perfect.