Morphy Richards Prepstar | Review


Ideal for those wanting to prep healthy meals efficiently.

The Prepstar from Morphy Richards is the latest product in the companies range of kitchen appliances, which essentially modernises and adds a different take on the conventional food processor giving a variety of possibilities from one machine.


The design of the prepstar is where this product really comes into its own and kudos to the product designers behind.

Morphy Richards have somehow managed to squeeze every attachment into this machine and have taken advantage of all of the space given inside (and underneath) its 4L mixing bowl.

Inside the mixing bowl, there is a storage bowl which houses all of its attachments. These comprise of:


  • 1 Grater disc
  • 3 grater blades
  • 1 Beater
  • 1 Chopping blade
  • 1 Whisk
  • 2 instruction cards
  • 1 Driveshaft


Somehow these all manage to cleverly fit inside the storage bowl and even the main motor slips further down into the bowl when not in use making the whole prepstar easy to store away in cupboards with tight spaces.

When first using the Prepstar we found it slightly tricky and fiddly to get everything to slot into place correctly but we liked the fact it wouldn’t allow us to progress with prep until everything was aligned from a safety perspective.

The one thing we would have loved to see on the bowl is a pouring lip for a tidier pour post prep if you’re working on a dish that is thinner or has a liquid base.

Overall we were very impressed with the design and just how easy and quick it is to prepare dishes and put away again after it’s been used. All of the attachments are dishwasher friendly but are very easy to clean by hand too.


Functionality and features

The prepstar, unlike most food processors, gives its users the added option of preparing dishes quickly and easily using one machine at any given time allowing you to make quick and healthy meals and to benefit those who like to prep ahead of time and follower strict dieting regimes.

The Prepstar has four core features:


  • Chop
  • Mix
  • Whisk
  • Grate


All of the actions above come with their own respective pieces and operate in a modular fashion. Powered by a 6 speed motor with an added pulse feature, the user can connect the relevant attachment needed for the job and you’re away.

We tried our hand at a brownie mix using the whisk attachment and we were pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to get it going and how even and good the final mixture was. What we did find however is that we needed to hop this straight into 6th gear, whilst it coped with the job we wondered if it might have struggled with anything a little thicker.

On the flipside we used the chopping blade feature for salsa and found we had more than enough power to cope and our salsa was done chopped and ready to serve in just a few seconds with a push of the pulse button.






We would absolutely recommend the Prepstar for those who are into dieting, healthy eating and food planning.

Whilst others may prefer using their tools separately when preparing dinners, this product is a gem for those who simply do not have the time but require their fast food to be healthy.

Food preppers tend to buy their products pre-chopped and pre-prepped to save time and can often find themselves paying a slight premium for the convenience, however for the money you’ll find yourself saving money almost instantly due to the price range it sits in. Let’s not forget it also makes prepping food very fun.