Nespresso Creatista Plus | Review

Nespresso creatista plus
  • Design
  • Features
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  • Beautiful Design
  • Great functionality
  • Makes delicious coffee across a wide range



  • Can we a bit tight if using larger mugs
  • Eyelet for water jug stops machine sitting against a wall

The Nespresso Creatista Plus is a beautiful machine loaded with functionality


The Nespresso Creatista Plus is the latest machine appealing to coffee lovers everywhere. The machine is bought to you by Sage, part of the Breville group who have re-branded to offer their sleek portfolio of kitchen appliances to the UK.

Unlike offer coffee machines in their repertoire, the Creatista used the ever-so-popular Nespresso pod system which continues to stamp its dominance in domestic coffee offerings in homes all over.


On first impressions, there’s no doubt that this might just be the most beautiful Nespresso machine we’ve ever seen and used.

Unlike previous Nespresso machines that bear plastic bodies, the Creastista plus is constructed in full stainless steel with a brushed finish and only a few plastic chrome accents giving a very premium look in the kitchen.

On the front, you’ll find both the pod tray and cup shelf for smaller cups which both have a push to eject functionality. It’s the little details like this that put a smile on our face.

The Creatista plus is made with creativity in mind, hence why it’s in the name. Replacing the aerocinno of the past, you’re now given a fully auto milk steaming wand enabling you to create the perfect latte, flat white, cappuccino or any milk-based espresso drink.

The wand in itself instantaneously gives the machine a really professional looking feel, something you only find in commercial premises.

If we were to find any points on the machine from a design perspective that we didn’t like there would be two very small ones.

The first being the space in which you can place both a coffee cup and the milk jug together. Depending on what mug you like to use it maybe get a little tight trying to squeeze them both in to sit nicely.

The second is that the water reservoir on the back contains a very small eyelet on the top to assist you with pulling the jug out. With this sticking out it means you can’t completely butt the machine against the wall which is what you’d want if you have a smaller worktop area. Like we said, very small gripes indeed.

Overall, the Creatista oozes with a slick design and its weight only compliments it looks in giving it a real premium feel.


Functionality and Features

If you’re looking for a quick press and go coffee, this machine is probably not for you. We’d go as far to say this is more along the lines of a semi-automatic machine rather than fully auto and here’s why.

This machine is a lot smarter than the others and gives you a lot more options.

Unlike other machines, you’re met with an LCD display that lets you choose your beverage of choice and here is where the machine comes into its own.

With the Creatista plus there is no wait time to preheat like other machines. It’ll heat itself up in 3 seconds just before the first shot is poured.  We’re unsure just how long the auto-off feature is but it is definitely there in case you forget to turn the machine off yourself.

You’re able to choose from multiple espresso shots, flat whites, cappuccinos and macchiatos. On top of the that you can choose how much espresso to pour, how much froth you’d like and our favourite feature, how hot you want your milk to be.

The Creatista plus has 11 different temperature settings. We’ve dabbled with the penultimate heat setting and it was lip burning hot to give you a sense of scale. Great for those who enjoy drinking their latte slow.

The milk jug is large enough to steam milk for 2 drinks,  There is no setting for this in the menu but in order to do this, you just make one drink as normal and then pour an extra pod into a separate glass to finish.

The best thing about the jug is you don’t get that sticky hot milk residue as you do on an Aerocinno. One quick rinse and you’re done and it’s also dishwasher safe.

The wand itself is fully automatic, so there’s no need to turn a wheel to increase/decrease the steam. After you’re done the wand will even self purge itself, removing any leftover milk inside.

Latte Art is the aim of the game here, to really release your inner barista to surprise guests into thinking they’re visiting a coffee shop. We pleasantly surprised at just how good the steaming wand is and the finish of the steamed milk. Now we just have to get practising. Within a week I’m sure we’ll have the heart and tulip locked down.







The Creatista plus sits slightly on the pricier side of other Nepresso’s in the range, however, we’re firm believers in getting what you pay for.

There is no doubt that this coffee machine is worth every penny for the coffees it throws out. It also adds that little bit of theatre and magic to your daily coffee and tastes beautiful. The Creatista plus is beautiful machine fully loaded with features.

The Creatista Plus will go down as Smarthomebuyer Recommended product and easily cements itself as one of our favourite products of 2018.


Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine, Silver by Sage

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  • Very fast heat up time; 3 seconds
  • Large selection of different coffees to choose from (Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato etc.)
  • Available settings: 3 coffee volume settings (from 25 to 150 ml), 8 milk texture/froth settings (from 2 to 30 mm) and 11 milk temperature settings (from 56 to 76°C)
  • Easy cleaning by emptying the drip tray, rinsing the milk jug and following the on-screen prompts for wand cleaning
  • Comes with a 480ml stainless steel milk jug, pop out cup support, removable drip grid and removable drip tray