Netgear Arlo Pro Security Camera | Review

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Netgear continues to impress us and the Arlo Pro is a brilliant piece of kit


– Great Design
– Fully Wireless and Weatherproof
– Long battery life
– Easy to use and easy to set up
– Free cloud recording service


– Expensive for a starter kit
– Not 1080p
– No extra secure mounts included in the box

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Netgear Arlo Pro : An epic little wireless security solution

We got to grips with the Netgear Arlo Pro, an all-weather, fully wireless home security camera, to test out if it is a wireless solution worth investing in or if it is better to go wired.

In Arlo, Netgear prides themselves on its wireless functionality and its ease of use. The premise behind Arlo is that you can literally move these cameras wherever you like, in an easy and convenient way, without the fuss of re-wiring your house or requiring any DIY skills.

Its weather-proof design means it can act as both an indoor and outdoor camera.  Its unique mounting system means they can easily be “stuck” onto surfaces using a brilliant magnetic mount or just left on shelves/tables or any flat surfaces thanks to its unique design.

To summarise, this camera system is nothing short of brilliant, if a wireless system is what you’re after and here’s why.





  • 100% Wire Free (Option of wired too if needed)
  • HD quality (720p)
  • Rechargeable long lasting batteries
  • Advanced Motion Sensors
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Smart Siren
  • Weather Proof (Rain/Snow/Hot/Cold)
  • 2 Way Audio (Listen and Push to Talk)
  • Free Cloud Storage and Free USB Backup
  • Night Vision
  • 24/7 Online support


We’re firm believers in the notion that “you get what you pay for,” especially as we operate in the tech space;  a space that’s fast-paced and incredibly competitive.  This means it’s very easy for technology to replicated and undercut on pricing to meet the demands of the consumer, especially those with no loyalty to a brand.

What Netgear have done with Arlo is priced this camera kit slightly higher, but we assure you they have not skimped on any features. They cover everything you could want in a camera set up like this.

Let’s a take a few of these key features listed above as an example.

Some people may not want wireless cameras and might want the option to wire it in case the battery runs out.  That’s been included (although it’s important to note it is only fully weatherproof when its seals are shut).

What about the batteries?  Yes sounds like this may be a pain but really, these batteries last for a very long time…3-6 months to be exact, and that’s because they’re smart.  They only work when you tell them to work, and you can set all of your audio and motion detection within the app. You can turn the cameras on and off completely with a simple toggle and even geofence them so that the cameras only go into security mode when you’re away.

Storage is free, yes you read that correctly, just like Arlo baby and everything else in their range, Netgear will give you 7 days of cycle recording absolutely free.  Of course, if you want the option to extend you can at a price.

The Premier and Elite plan 30day/60days worth of recording and up to 15 cameras.  Prices are £64 and £99 for the year. Still not bad!

You’ll notice in the box that the cameras come included with a base station.  This acts as both a hub to sync the cameras to and as a siren to alert any neighbours of intruders whilst you’re away.  We’ll admit this is the only feature we haven’t tested yet as it’s pretty loud!

We always read about how good Netgear’s customer support is on retailer’s websites, so we thought we’d put its 24/7 support to the test.  We had questions around the app navigation, and we must say, the team respond quickly, were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Well done Netgear!



The design of Arlo Pro is what we feel sets it apart from the rest.  Netgear have clearly put a lot of time and effort into making its ergonomic design mirror its practicality.

Let’s start with size.  Each camera is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand making them easily transportable if you’re going to be moving these cameras around. They’re not designed to be fixed cameras as such so we would imagine changing locations to suit particular environments or situations is entirely encouraged.

Unlike your “traditional” outdoor CCTV fuselage-esque designs, the Arlo is well rounded, cute and doesn’t look like an eyesore if it’s mounted onto the side of your house.

The camera comes with a weatherproof sealed flap to house the battery and also a rubber seal to protect the USB charging port.

The underside of the camera is completely flat so that it can be set on any flat surface should you not want to the use the included mounts.

Then there are the mounts themselves which is our favourite part of the design.  Netgear supply 1 mount per camera and these couldn’t be easier to set up.

Drill a hole and use the supplied wall plug and screw to then slide the mount onto the screw.  Once on, you simply stick the camera onto the mount as they attach via a very strong magnet.  The unit resembles a ball and socket joint, so the direction of the camera can easily be changed to give you the optimal viewpoint, and you can just keep taking the camera off and on whenever you please. This comes in handy when you want to charge your camera as there are no fiddly screws to mess with.



The app is the same Arlo app we test for the Arlo baby, all Arlo products use one app in its ecosystem which is very handy. For example we can get a quick snapshot of all cameras in the house and the baby monitor at the same time just by opening the app.

Within the app you can control everything about your camera, things like:

  • Adjust the resolution
  • Adjust the motion sensitivity
  • Toggle your alert settings (you can have both push notifications and email alerts)
  • Add family members even outside of your home to view your cameras
  • Rename cameras
  • Toggle night vision
  • Turn Cameras on/off, add geofencing settings to save battery
  • Turn on your siren in an emergency
  • Download and share all recordings with family and friends

These are just a few of the features within the app we found very useful

We’ll warn you now, Arlo systems do not come cheap. The current price for a 2 camera system and base station like the one we’re using is X.  There are cheaper alternatives on the market, and yes they do come with great features and great resolution.  Despite the price, Arlo is everything we want in a wireless camera set-up. It ticked all the boxes.



If you are able to spend slightly more on a system and are absolutely positive that a wireless solution is for you (it isn’t for everyone), then we couldn’t recommend this product more.

We would have liked the Arlo Pro to come with 1080 resolution, however, the Arlo Pro 2 does have this which is an upgrade.  Good news you can buy older and newer Arlo cameras and just add them on to your current setup.

Whilst the mounts are brilliant, there is the security issue that they can be removed. Arlo does offer mounts which can be applied via a nut and thread, but unfortunately, they do not come included in the box.

It’s a bit early for us to test the battery life completely, but we’ll be updating this review in a few months with accurate feedback. From the few days we have seen it, it’s been great.

The Arlo camera system is a brilliant system for techy and non-techy users alike who simply want a reliable, out of the box full security wireless solution.