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Orbitsound Dock E30
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– Fantastic sound across all ranges
– Brilliant Design


– Its landscape dimensions might not suit everyones tastes
– Remote control could have felt more “premium”


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Great design and “Airsound” technology with a bunch of features, this speaker is a winner.

*Multiroom has not been tested but we will update this review when we have

Wifi speakers. They’re literally everywhere, smarter than ever and delivering crisp sound all across the board but how the new Dock E30 from Orbitsound fare amongst the competition and is it right for you? The short answer is yes.

Those who read our blog will know by now that our home system of choice is Sonos. Whilst it will be very hard to replace that, we absolutely adore everything about the Dock E30


Lets get straight to it. This little speaker is a beast for its size and it kicks out some impressive sound with clarity and rich bass tones.

Orbitsound founder Ted Fletcher is the inventor of Airsound and its the heart and soul of how this speaker separates itself from others on the market. Airsound aims to deliver true stereo from one single source meaning the listener can experience music in all its glory regardless of where you’re standing in the room.

Note, we’ve only tested this at 180 degrees with the speaker flat against a wall but we can tell you it sounded brilliant.

It’s three (yes three) Halo bass radiators give it fantastic balance across all ranges and it brings music all across genres to life.

*Like many other WiFi enabled speakers on the market the Dock E30 also acts as multiroom speaker allowing you to create zones and group speakers together.

SUB S4 Wireless Subwoofer

If you’re a big fan of your bass you can link your Dock E30 to the SUB S4. A wireless subwoofer that creates cystal clear deep tones without compromising the mid and high ranges which the dock takes care of.

As the sub is wireless, you can position it away from the dock completely removing unsightly wires and making your room work for you. some people like having a sub and show, however we like ours hidden away and this was perfect for that.

The set up was simple, as soon as your dock is connect you can plug and play. We didn’t even need to use the connect button as it did it all by itself. If the red light on the rear shows its connected, you’re good to go and crank it up.



When you buy a speaker you buy it for the sound, but with so many speakers on the market is sound enough? We’d argue no and for a £400 price tag this is where we think the Dock E30 truly comes into its own. The design of this product is beautiful!

At 30cm in width, the dock itself is design not to sit on the bookshelf like a Sonos:1 would, but rather on a table top to show off its curvature and to benefit from all of its extra features. It doesn’t feel cheap either, coming in at 4kg, rest assured this speaker is well built.

When it comes to features, you’re getting a lot for money. Take connectivity for example. This speaker is not just a Wifi speaker but it can be used as a bluetooth speaker when and can even connect a 3.5mm aux cable. If you want to connect it via an optical cable then you have the luxury of that too so the dock has all bases covered straight out of the box.

One of the best features of the speaker is its wireless Qi charging pad on the top to charge compatible devices and if you don’t have that it has a futureproof high performance USB-C output to charge via a wire too.

A removable mesh grille works on magnets, so if you like the the look of the speaker with its components on show then you can do that too.

The finer details such as LED’s on the volume control to get a visual cues on volume and bass make it visually appealing to look at.

The Dock E30 also comes with a handy remote which you wouldn’t expect from a WiFi speaker. Traditionally your phone acts like a remote to control everything but the dock comes with a simple “slot” for you to keep you phone in allowing you to use a remote to control the volume, bass, tracks and source.



Price and Conclusion

The Dock E30 has just launched at £399 whilst the Sub will cost you an additional £299. Those who were on the ball would have got it at a discounted price on pre-order but for us we think the price justifies what you get out of the box.

Even without the Sub paired up, the Dock provided brilliant sound across all ranges and the extras you get such as wireless charging, multiple connectivity sources and brilliant design means this speaker gets the nod from us.

Unlike the Sonos One however, the only thing it lacks is AI integration. That might be a deal breaker for some but it’s not something we’d place as priority compared to everything else this speaker offers.




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