Polaroid OneStep+ Review

polaroid onestep plus
  • Design
  • Features
  • Functionality
  • Price



  • Companion app, Super easy to use
  • Camera is easy to use
  • Develops clear, nostalgic photos
  • Holds comfortably



  • Film can be expensive

Polaroid OneStep+: Back To The Future

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The OneStep+ (£149.99) is the newest and most advanced release from the OneStep family. It looks a lot like its predecessor, the OneStep2, but incorporates a few more upgraded features that would have instant film shutterbugs thrilled. The OneStep+ is the first of its kind to feature 2 lenses and also features Bluetooth LE which allows you to connect to the well designed companion app. The app is called Polaroid Originals and can be installed on both iOS and Android.

In the Box

In the box, you get the camera, of course, it also comes with a micro-usb charging cable, a neck strap, and the user manual. Film has got to be purchased separately to the camera. It’s compatible with Polaroid’s i-Type film, and 600 film (Format
: length 8.8 cm × height 10.8 cm / Image area : length 7.9 cm × height 7.9 cm).

Design & Build

The camera is made of a polycarbonate and ABS Plastics and features the iconic Polaroid rainbow stamp beneath the lens. The design is simple, sleek and easy to hold. On top, it has the lever to swiftly switch between the portrait and standard lens.

The new portrait lens, with a focal length of 89mm which gives you the ability to take features from 12” (30cm) away, is perfect for getting those retro selfies! The trigger button is located just below the flash and is triggered simply using the index finger. The OneStep+ is compatible with Polaroids’ 600 and i-Type film which can be loaded in the front of the camera. Compared to its competitor Fujifilm you can purchase monochrome in square film, whereas you cannot purchase black and white film with the Instax Square, black and white film is available only in Mini and Wide formats. Additionally the Polaroid has the upper hand with regards to the size of the film. With its image are being 3.1 inches x 3.1 inches, compared to the Instax square which is 2.4 x 2.4 inches.

The front of the camera also features a +/– switch which allows the user to select a mode which can increase or decrease the exposure. The plus button located just beside the lens is used to connect the camera to your smartphone via bluetooth

The back of the camera features the on/off switch, the disable flash button, and the port to charge the camera using micro USB. The OneStep+ boasts 60 days of storage life before the battery is exhausted.



The camera has 6 different features which can be chosen from the companion app. The app is easily navigational looks, and feels slick. The 6 features that the OneStep+ includes are; Remote, Manual Mode, Self Timer, Double Exposure, Light Painting, and Noise Trigger.

We had a lot of fun testing out these modes and ended up getting some great shots. The camera is super easy to use and takes you back to the 1970s having you take photos like your parents.

Double exposure is a brilliant feature that you can get really creative with, experimenting with colour and scenery. One example is by taking a photo of a landscape and then switching the lens to the portrait mode so that you can have your portrait overlay the scene. We also loved manual mode, as it gives you freedom with changing the shutter speed, aperture, and also the intensity of the flash. In my opinion, I think it’s great that Polaroid have featured a manual mode on their latest model as it gives it the upper hand over their competitors, and also gives the photographer a lot more freedom and room to play around with their snaps.



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