Samsung HW-N650 Soundbar | Review

Samsung HW-N650

The Samsung N650 is the latest soundbar released by the tech giant Samsung.



  • Bluetooth
  • 360W Power Output
  • 5.1 System, with wireless sub
  • Dimensions: 110cm x 5.9cm x 10cm
  • 2 x HDMI (I/O) x optical x 1 x analogue x 1 x USB




The latest release in the Samsung N-series of soundbars features a much more sleek design than its previous models. It looks a lot more flush and embedded into your unit and the overall build quality is excellent.

The soundbar is flushed in a metallic black and a metallic grill covers the front facing and upward facing speaker drivers. The end plates and acutely angled, with a brushed texture. Furthest right on the end panel you will find feature buttons, allowing you to increase or decrease the volume, select the source and power the device.

Placement of the device is actually very flexible considering its size and even gives you the option to wall mount the soundbar depending on how you wish to lay out your room.

At the back, the device features a USB input so you can listen to your favourite tunes along with an Aux in and you have the choice of your digital sound using both HDMI or Optical.There is HDMI input and output and a DC 24V plug to power the device.

On the front of the speaker, there is an LED indicator on the right-hand side, allowing you to select your desired sound mode from D.In, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and HDMI.

Along with the Soundbar itself, Samsung provide a Sub to give your sound deep and rich bass tones for both your music and favourite movies/TV shows.

The subwoofer, features a 6.5 inch cone which boasts frequencies as low as 42Hz. It is constructed of MDF and is filled with a complete black look. It does require power for it to work and connects to the soundbar using wireless technology.


Functionality & Features


Bear in mind that this soundbar does not feature DTS:X or Dolby Atmos, giving it a thumbs down in terms of added features. MP3, Wav and Flac are amongst the only audio formats that the soundbar supports. Furthermore, it’s lacking in features such as multi-room compatibility, which the Sony Z9F does possess, along with Dolby Atmos. The N650 is optimized for movies and gaming and I would definitely recommend watching movies on this device.

The sound is very immersive with Samsung’s Acoustic Beam Technology and definitely draws you into the universe of whatever movie or game you are experiencing leaving you engrossed. There are 3 DTS modes that you can select; Standard, Surround, and Gaming.


Whilst watching TV we engaged the standard mode, the central channel provided optimal clarity to speech and conversation which is perfect for watching the shows you love. Whack on the Surround mode for those bingey Netflix nights so you can experience the cinema at your home. The movie I tested was Annihilation. The subwoofer provided great weight and packed a punch when it came to those sub frequency suspense moments.

The upward facing drivers produced brilliant directional high frequencies, which I found to also be very accurate and as the drivers on top can actually move creating the perfect panoramic experience.

The central speakers definitely have a more distinct mid-range to provide the clarity during speech and conversation. However, this was well balanced with the high frequencies and sub frequencies the soundbar and subwoofer provided.


The N650 also produced a pleasant experience when listening to music. Testing out ‘Rey’s Theme’ felt like I was hearing it in the cinema, each note was heard clearly and the instruments in the song were all distinguishable, so definitely a thumbs up for a listening experience.

Listening to Hip-Hop on the soundbar was also great, the subwoofer provided most of the low frequencies that are abundant in Hip-Hop, enough for me to throw a house party.






It’s an all-around great performing soundbar, producing clear and heavy tones which can be felt when listening to music, watching movies and gaming. Enough to completely immerse you and have you feeling like you are in the movie or in the game. However, it does lack some features such as DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, multi-room and with a hefty price tag like £511 (Amazon) I feel it should definitely include some of those missing ingredients to make it a top-performing soundbar.