Vax Blade 2 Max | Review

Vax Blade 2 Max
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Price



  • Great design and functionality
  • Brilliant all-around performance & Battery
  • Priced very competitively


  • Dislike the fact it won’t “self-stand”


Pound for pound best Cordless Vacuum around?

The Vax Blade 2 Max is the latest iteration of suction innovation entering what is now a pretty competitive landscape.

The problem of cordless vacuums in the past was that you were compromising a lot of power and runtime in return for convenience. You simply would not get the cleaning power you would from corded uprights.

Now in 2018, sales of rechargeable cordless vacuums are far surpassing their legacy counterparts and we don’t see this slowing down. Not one bit.

Today we got to review the Blade 2 Max from Vax and what a joy it was.


On the first inspection, the design is what you’d expect from a cordless vac. It looks simple enough but its unlike its 32V younger brother, the Blade 2 comes in a black and grey colourway which we like a lot. It somehow screams power before you’ve even used it.

Like many others in the market, Its runs off a base unit which houses the power and dust collection bin and filter with attachments that clip on.

Adding the attachments on were easy enough and we found it felt very well built and not flimsy at all.

In the box, you get the main floor head, a smaller brush for cars and a crevice tool to hit those hard to reach corners. All can be used with the elongated pipe so you can use it as an upright or handheld depending on the job.

The base unit itself has three function buttons. Power on/off, Brush head rotation and boost. We found when using it Vax as a handheld, We’d accidentally keep pressing the function buttons due to it being top heavy and you needing to rest your thumb over the top for stability.

When in upright mode, the floor head offers superb directional capabilities and it’s so quick and easy to change direction and get into those hard to reach places. When laid flat we measured the device to sit just 7.5cm off the ground meaning it was very easy to get under our sofa.

Also included in the box is a wall mount in which you can put your attachments on and hide away the charging wire so you can wall mount it anywhere. Whilst this is a great bit of design we can only think that it’s been put it in place to cover what we feel is the biggest design flaw of this product. It simply will not stand up on its own and it’ll most likely fall over even when rested on a wall.



Heres the part of the review that would make or break or the Blade 2 Max. A vacuum is only as its good as it cleans and we can safely say, this Vax clean very well.

Starting with the power itself, its got an 8V advantage over its forerunner which means it has a maximum of 4200 rotations per minute.

We gave it three jobs to test out all of its features and its cleaning and started the first job with the battery at 100%

After all, jobs were completed were still left with 75% battery or 3 lights out of 4.

The car – Clean rating 4/5

We disassembled the vax from upright to handheld and it took it out to the car to clean driver, passenger and both rear footwells and seats.

We used normal mode for this with both a brush and crevice attachment on the regular carpet and we found it to pick up everything with ease. Not a problem here at all.

When trying to get deeper into the actual floor mats we felt it could have used a bit of a kick. This is where turned on boost mode. With the flick of a switch, the Blade 2 Max ate up everything in site. Light work.

As mentioned earlier, we did have a tendency to keep hitting the function buttons by accident, especially when trying to hit the hard to reach places.

Hardwood Floor (all of downstairs) – Clean rating 5/5

We assembled the Vax back into an upright and had a go at the hardwood floor. No boost needed for this, we found that vax picked up everything with ease again. This was a very quick job as the Blade 2 glides across the floor meaning you can cover an area pretty quickly especially with its flexible floor head.

Carpet (one room) – Clean rating 4/5

To really a get a sense of reality we decided to test this on the thickest carpet we had upstairs and where we got to use our favourite mode.

On the carpet we used the boost, plus we turned on the motorised brush for it to get really deep into the carpet, to a point where it was actually picking the carpet up in certain areas.  When using this mode you also turn on a set of LEDs on the front. I’m not sure why we need it entirely but we absolutely love it.







Overall we found the Vax Blade 2 Max to be a superb bit of kit. What we found in terms of design flaws definitely made up for in price and performance.

The Blade 2 Max retails for £249 (as of Oct ‘19) which is a £100/200 cheaper than the V8 and V10 from Dyson.

The Vax performed really well in day to day tasks and the battery life is great for getting things done in a hurry.

For a deep clean, I don’t think cordless will be fully replacing our trusted Henry just yet, but we will certainly be using it a lot less.